Embedding Soap: A great way to reboot a batch of soap

hermosa tecnica

Make Me Some Soap...

I’ll admit it: soaps don’t always turn out how I plan. It might be that the colors don’t look right together, or the scent is too weak or too strong (or just unpleasant). Embedding those “misfires” can really turn a disappointment into something treasured!

IMG_8329Take this batch, for example. I was happy with the colors. But the layers were supposed to be more swirly. It didn’t turn out that way. Lesson learned. But in the meantime, these bars were taunting me, sitting there being only a glimmer of what they could have been.

So I transformed them. I transformed them into the green centerpieces of these earthy, modernistic slabs of loveliness. (Why yes, I do like them very much.)


It’s deceptively simple. I just sliced up the bars and lined them up in my mold. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMade up a fresh batch of soap and colored one half with rose clay and…

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